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Decoupage Collection – CHINTZ
Decoupage Collection – CHINTZ
Decoupage Collection – PASTEL
Decoupage Collection – POWDER BLUE
Decoupage Collection – CHINTZDecoupage Collection – PASTELDecoupage Collection – POWDER BLUE

Custom Curtains, Made in Melbourne

With over 40 years of experience in hanging curtains you can be assured that your Co-ordinated Furnishing curtains will be long lasting. We will meet your requirements and then some when fitting your windows out with new curtains. We offer a range of fabrics including those of polyester and cotton blends to enhance drape ability and decrease fading. As well as this, our curtain fabrics are economically priced to create further customer satisfaction.

We do not doubt our ability to provide a beautiful and satisfying result when fitting curtains and neither should you. We have the variety of fabrics and design options to ensure our customers get not only the professional opinions we offer, but also the creative freedom they deserve when creating their own personalised space. Every space, every room, home and window fitting is different, and no fitting we do is the same. Whether it is a feature piece to contrast or something to be co-ordinated with the space we have experience and advice to create the right products and result for you. Be assured that you will be given not only a high quality product, but one that is tailored for your own personal needs when choosing Co-ordinated Furnishings for your curtain fittings.